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Polycarbonate Rolling Shutter

We are India’s leading manufacturer of Transparent (Polycarbonate) Rolling Shutter’s Slats. Our quality Polycarbonate Rolling Shutter Slats are very strong and very similar product of bullet proof materials as we use 100% virgin Polycarbonate powder to manufacture rolling shutter slats. We guarantee for the lowest pricing and best quality. The product is 100% Transparent. Our see-through slats are pure, which is transparent as clear as glasses. Our slats are also available in various colors like blue, orange, and black and green. Our slats have very less borders, which make more clear views.

Features :

  • Folding in both directions : Our slats are very free moving in any patterns fittings. Our polycarbonate rolling slats are made for outer and inner fittings of rolling shaft. We guarantee that MK manufactured polycarbonate slats are movable in both directions. One side plane view is possible in both directions which is not available in any others manufacturers slats.
  • Fittings Accessories :  We provide free fittings accessories like bottom and hanging parts against large quantity orders. We also supply fittings fitting pipes (Aluminum & Stainless Steel) for slats at the lowest price. Our company provides installation across throughout the India at very reasonable labor charges.